Automated claim settlement

Insurance damages are automatically recognised and compensated by utilizing smart contracts and trusted data sources.

IT Resource friendly solutions

Integrating our solutions into your insurance products and your customer journey is easy thanks to our straightforward API endpoints.

Quick and effortless processes

Our solutions accelerate insurance claim processes by excluding manual work and preventing human mistakes. This enables a rapid payout process that meets today's customer expectations.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts on the blockchain allow a paperless, secure workflow with minimal or zero interaction with the customer during the claim process.

Trusted data sources

Every insurance event is individually monitored in our cloud by cross-referencing trusted data sources for determining damages.

Insurance innovation made easy

With our solutions, it is easy to build new, lightweight parametric insurance products. We are tirelessly improving and innovating our platform to keep it future-proof.

Flight disruption insurance with Allianz Hungary

Allianz utilizes our automated flight disruption product in their travel insurance.

"Working with Insurwiz creates a win-win situation for both parties: their reaction is fast and accurate, their outstanding expertise makes the cooperation reliable. They provide valuable and precise feedback further strengthening the joint efforts."

Anikó Móri - Senior Product Manager, Allianz Hungary

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MoWi preview

Theory put to practice: MoWi

We created MoWi, a state-of-the-art solution for Aegon N.V. to help their customers customize their travel insurance.

“The team working on MoWi is a group full of great ideas and fitting solutions. They’re driven, goal-oriented, and accurate–it was a pleasure to work with them.”

Máté Bodor - AEgon N.V., Head of Travel insurance

MoWi preview

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