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Reliable. Transparent. Automated.

We strongly believe that modern and disruptive technologies will change our picture of the world as we know it today. We are trying to bring real customer-centered solutions to the market, based on data-driven- and blockchain technology.

Our first product


Are you a regular skier or is it your first ski trip that you are planning?


We are the Team of MoWI and our first product is designed just for you.

Unexpected weather conditions can affect any ski trip. Be it a poor weather day or a major snowstorm, some or all ski slopes may close as they are temporarily unsafe or unsuitable for skiing.

Due to the limited number of ski slopes and ski lifts, you might need to look for other activities during your trip, which usually comes with extra expenses.

That’s when MoWI comes to help.

What makes us different from other classic insurance providers? 

With MoWI, you can customize the conditions of your insurance (e.g., what is the ideal percentage of functioning ski lifts during your trip), set the period of your travel and your expected compensation. The contract is going to be recorded as a smart contract in a public blockchain. In case the conditions are met, you will receive the compensation automatically, without claiming process. 

Benefits for our customers:

  • Automated

  • Easy to use

  • Fast

  • Paperless

  • Secure

  • Transparent

Let us keep your vacation safe!

Our Team

Viktor Urbán

Ferenczi Ádám

Szabolcs Szota
Consultant, Co-Founder

Viktor Dombi
Consultant, Co-Founder